FAQs for Instructors (Authors)

These are some questions that every new instructor must read to familiarize themselves with our rules and policies. In addition please also read our Terms & Conditions for Instructors. If you still need help, you can reach out to our instructor support team by mailing [email protected]

Can anyone join to teach on EDUfyre?

Absolutely! However, we have a screening process and we're a bit picky when it comes to the approval process. We only want to work with instructors who have courses of the highest quality standards.

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Do I get to see any information of my students?

You will see the names of your students and you may communicate and help them through the discussion below each courses individual lecture. You will also get to see advanced analytics and metrics for each course through your dashboard.

Can I insert my contact information, logo and URL inside my course videos?

Yes, you may include your contact information or any URLs and domains names etc. anywhere in the course material.

You may insert links to pages offsite in which you collect email addresses or ask students to pay or opt-in before they can access information. You are allowed to link out to your blogs or company pages from inside the course.

However, you may not insert any off-site links in your main course sales page and content people see without having to sign up for your course.

What is the process for publishing my course on EDUfyre?

Once you are approved as an Instructor on EDUfyre, you may publish your courses on EDUfyre.

Publishing a new course on EDUfyre basically involves 2 steps. The first is to create a new course, and the second is to let us know when ready so our course moderation team can review and make it live on EDufyre.

Step 1

As part of the course creation process you will need to set the name of the course, description, introductory preview video, course image thumb-shot, price of the course, and the individual sections and lectures.

Do note that while you are creating a new course and uploading its individual lectures, you need to click the "publish" button on the top right corner while creating each new lecture that you wish to be visible to students once they sign up.

You may see the Instructor Guide here for help on how to create new courses and lectures from your Instructor Dashboard.

Step 2

Once you are done adding all the course material, you will need to send us a request to review the new course and publish it for inclusion in the marketplace.

To send a request to review your new course, simply click on the "Instructor" link on the header of your main homepage dashboard at EDUfyre.com while logged in, and then select the option "Submit New Course Approval".

Our course moderation team will then review the course and publish it within 1 or 2 business days. If there is anything that needs to be changed or corrected, they will let you know by email so you can do the needful before its is published on the marketplace.

Can I change course material after it is approved and published live in the marketplace?

Once your course is published and live in the marketplace, you may not make any changes to it and add or remove content without notifying us of these changes. Should you make any changes to your course please update us immediately after you make these changes by sending an email to [email protected]. Not informing us of any course updates you make, is a direct violation of the Terms and Conditions.

What are the rules to message students or include links inside my courses in EDUfyre?

We do require all instructors to follow proper etiquette while contacting their students, as under.

You may not mass PM or send any promotional messages through the comments / discussion board. The comments board is there for you to help students with their requests. If you wish to make a new announcement related to the course, you may do so by creating a new Section / Lecture titled Announcement. Please make sure you inform us if you add material or make changes to your course after it goes live in the marketplace.

Do I need to provide support to my students inside the course?

The choice of providing support for the course on a lecture to lecture basis is yours. You can choose to keep each discussion (comments) inside each lecture open or closed. By default the toggle button is turned off, and if you choose to provide support or open up the lecture for discussion you may do so by toggling the "Comments" button on or off.

The choice to keep the lecture open to discussion and comments is yours and should be based on your availability to support the course and the price you charge for it. Do note that if you keep comments / discussions turned off, we will mention in the description that this course comes without support from the instructor and this may or may not affect your sales.

What payments do you accept from Students?

Students may currently pay us via Paypal or Stripe (credit card).

What is my Revenue Share for a course?

EDUfyre shares the revenue it earns from courses on a negotiated deal on an instructor-to-instructor basis. You will be made aware of your revenue share in our on-boarding email with you and you may also see this inside your instructor dashboard. The revenue share is generally 50% for most instructors. Also, do note that from time to time EDUfyre runs special deals and promotions and discounted pricing as low as $10 per course. By signing up and publishing your courses on EDUfyre you agree to allow us to use your course for these deals, promotions and any special discounted pricing. Should you object to any such pricing you will have to contact [email protected] AND [email protected] by email informing exclusion from any or all special deals, promotions and discounted pricing on our website.

Do I have to pay any fee to list my courses?

Absolutely not. Listing your course on EDUfyre is completely free. Every course you list just needs to be approved by us, so make sure you check on the rules to get your course approved for listing / publishing.

When do I Get Paid?

Instructors on EDUfyre.com are paid for signups 30 days after the end of the month in which a sale was made. This 30-day period is necessary to account for any refunds, since students have 30 days to request a refund on any course purchased through the system. Note - Minimum payout levels for MIXED AUTHOR BUNDLE DEALS is $50.

How do I get Paid and are there any processing fees?

Payouts are handled through PayPal, which can be set up in the Admin panel. Keep in mind that there is a small 5% processing fee charged by our technology provider and then Paypal will also charge you a fee when they pay you the sum you receive.

Can I remove my published course from EDUfyre?

Yes, you may request a course removal by writing to us at [email protected]. This will make your course invisible on EDUfyre to new students visiting the marketplace. However, students who are already enrolled in the course will still be able to access the course. This is only fair as they may have paid for it or would be already engaged with the course material.

What is the EDUfyre Affiliate Program?

From time to time, we may have affiliates who will sign up to promote your courses. We will contact you to ask if you are interested in listing your courses in as part of the Affiliate program. In such a case, you will receive your revenue share calculated after the Affiliate Commission Fees are paid on the total cost the course is sold for. As an example - if a course sells for $100, and the affiliate commission is 10% you will get your instructor revenue share, as per your agreement with EDUfyre calculated on the remaining 90%.

Have a question?

If you have any questions or need support you may fill out the Instructor Support Form by clicking on the link in the header of your dashboard, or you may email us directly at [email protected]